Funded 1-2-1 Support

Funded 1-2-1 Business Support for Social Enterprises (by Members for Members)

PSEN have set up a pool of Social Economy Experts from within the membership who have detailed knowledge/experience in a range of topics. Any PSEN member can request 1 hour of 1-2-1 support from one of these Experts. That hour of support will be fully funded by PSEN.

This offer is currently supported through the People’s Postcode Lottery but we hope to extend the offer if there is need.

How it works:

Check the list of Support Experts here and if you think one matches your need then email Jess.  Include details about what your support need is and which Social Economy Expert you think can help you. Please include your phone number and best times to contact you. Jess will either follow up with you for a chat or make a direct email connection to the expert member for you. You and the expert member can then arrange a mutually convenient time and method to talk.

This initiative is about making the intrinsic knowledge and insight from within the network accessible. We believe that shared knowledge will help build a stronger sector. After the meeting we ask you to fill in a brief form about how you found the experience and your top takeaways from the meeting. We’ll share those top takeaways with the network so more can learn from your experiences.

What if I want support from somebody not in the Pool?

Let us know and we can encourage them to join (or you can encourage them yourself). Of course, this pool doesn’t stop people from asking and giving voluntary 1-2-1 support to each other directly, it’s just a way for PSEN to distribute resource to members who are providing a crucial supporting role when they do.

 Join the Social Economy Expert Pool


Are you a PSEN member that has experience and knowledge about social enterprise practice that others want to learn from?


Perhaps you’ve tried out new and bold ways to organise your governance? Set up a successful community shares campaign? Innovated in ways to reduce your organisation’s environmental impact? Created a business model/project that people want to replicate? Embedded bold diversity and inclusion practices in your organisation? Created new procurement practices to add value to your local area?


Whatever the expertise you have gained, join our pool of Social Economy Experts to help others to learn from your experience.


See our FAQs for more info


How to Join


  • Send information to about your background and areas of advice so it can be added to the website.
  • Within 2 weeks we’ll add you to the list of Social Economy Experts that members can request support from. This means they they will be able to see what information you have shared about your experience and expertise to select who can best help them.


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