Social Enterprise City

Plymouth is a hot-spot for social enterprise activity in the UK. It is developing as a global ‘social enterprise city’. We have one of the most active social enterprise networks in the country and Plymouth University is the world’s first officially certified ‘social enterprise’ university. Years later, that city badge and subsequent investment has helped develop social enterprises in Plymouth. Learn about the Places Project from Social Enterprise UK here.

There are more of them. Employing more people. All working to create change in the most disadvantaged areas and bringing much needed income to the city’s communities.

There are now around 200 social enterprises in the city working across a wide range of sectors including in education, health, arts, environment, food, finance, housing, business support, sport, social care and more. Collectively these businesses employ around 9,000 people and bring in an income of over £580 million. There are mega-social enterprises such as the University, Plymouth Community Homes and Livewell South West. But there is also a burgeoning economy of smaller businesses with 33% more social and community businesses than our first survey in 2015. You can read the Plymouth Book of Social Enterprise Wonders to find out more about some of these amazing enterprises!

We recently completed a state of the sector survey in Plymouth to find out the impact social enterprise is having on the wellbeing and economy of the city. If you’d like to learn more about the amazing impact we’re having then you can read the full report here. Or you can download a summary full of uplifting and inspiring facts here.

Plymouth Social Enterprise Network