There is a global recognition of the need for dedicated and drastic changes to the way we run our societies. PSEN declared it’s own Climate Emergency on the 20th September – you can read it here. In the declaration we pledged to support our members in making their own informed decisions around sustainable practices.

Here are some resources that might help you when declaring a climate emergency.

The evidence base: the scientific basis, and what we understand about the impacts of climate change.

Straightforward explanation with a UK perspective



More in-depth but accessible summary of the scientific base



Recent research and modelling the risks of “ hothouse earth” or “runaway climate change”. This report is quite technical but has some useful diagrams.

The IPCC 1.5 special report, which details the impacts of climate change and explains why we need to stay below 1.5C temperature rises.

We know that it can all seem very overwhelming and negative sometimes but this is an in-depth report which sets out the priorities for whole economy transition to zero carbon in a way that feels very doable and positive.

So, how do we declare a Climate Emergency?

At its most simplistic; a declaration of emergency should include the following:

    • Acknowledgment of the need for urgent and bold action
    • A target date for carbon neutrality
    • A commitment to specific actions

This is a set of practical guidelines to help businesses declare a Climate Emergency.




This guide is aimed at the arts and culture sector, It is particularly good because it emphasises the ways we can change what and how we communicate in response to the climate emergency


Project Drawndown is the worlds leading resource for climate solutions and can provide some helpful inspiration and guidance which you can tailor to your own business


On Planet Living is a whole process of working that has been perfected over the last 25 years. They provide guidance and training on their site. You can also come to in person training as part of the 2019 Social Enterprise City Festival

How to communicate it?

We understand that audience is important and communicating  a better intention is a big part of declaring an emergency. Climate Outreach has lots of accessible resources that will help you communicate your climate actions in a persuasive way – even to the most sceptical audiences.

Who else has declared a Climate Emergency?

Plymouth City Council have declared a Climate Emergency and are consulting with residents about what action to take. You can read it here

The University of Plymouth has also declared a Climate Emergency. It is published here

You can read the full list of councils who have declared a climate emergency here.

This article outlines a more global list of cities and countries who have publically declared their own climate emergency. Find it here

And of course PSEN have declared their own climate emergency, and is committed to supporting social enterprises, co-operatives, and community businesses to reach net zero by 2030.


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