We’ve been open with members around our future capacity this year, but also busy applying for new opportunities to build on the last 18 months of local and national facing work.

Unfortunately, reflecting increased budget restraints and shifting priorities for funders, PSEN has not currently secured funding to continue with the same level of staff capacity, and as a result the contracts for our core operations team, Gareth, Amerie and Matt, end on May 31st.

However, PSEN, as a membership organisation and member owned CIC, will continue operating in the same way as it has for most of the past 15 years, with the board and volunteers continuing to provide advocacy, networking, promotion and support to the businesses that make Plymouth a leading Social Enterprise City.

We continue to look for funding opportunities and contracts which will benefit our members, and hope to have good news to share with you soon.

What does this mean for our members?

  • Firstly the core membership offering remains unaffected, there will still be network meetings, including our AGM in July, and we will continue enhance these spaces for learning and socialising with updates, guests and insights from members.
  • Our work to represent our members on Plymouth Growth Board, Inclusive Growth Group, Freeport, Buyers Network and with the national social enterprise places scheme will continue.
  • A newsletter will continue with members being updated on representation and opportunities, and the public newsletter continuing to share member events, news, and jobs with people across Plymouth and beyond.
  • Our social media will be monitored, and your content re-posted to our followers across platforms.
  • The Social Enterprise City Festival will return in November, with a focus on bringing more Plymouth people and custom to your enterprises.

However, over the summer, you will notice a drop off in PSEN organised events, and direct communications will be less frequent. So please send us any news or opportunities to share in good time: Newsletter@plymsocent.org.uk

All sectors of the economy continue to face complex challenges, but we believe social enterprise remains the best way to overcome them by putting people and planet first. We’ll be looking at the general election results with great interest and be unpicking the opportunities presented by a new government at our AGM the following week. We hope you can join us.

Plymouth Social Enterprise Network