Business Name Pilates at the Core CIC previously Pop Up Pilates
What We Do About Welcome to Pop Up Pilates we are based in the community, with club and corporate classes. There are a range of classes; Pilates, Postural Assessments, Workshops and Personal 1-1 training. We will be introducing a GP/corporate referral for those that have been off work medium to long term with lower back health concerns
Organisational Structure community-interest-company-cic
Primary Sector healthcare
Business Name SkySpace and Not For Robots
What We Do Champion and support people and groups working to rewire the world so it works better.
Organisational Structure sole-trader
Primary Sector healthcare
Sol Moyano
Business Name Borrow Don't Buy
What We Do Borrow Don’t Buy is a Library of Things based in Plymouth. A Library of Things is a place where you can borrow items that you need to use, but might not need to own. We have a diverse inventory with items from camping equipment to power tools, DIY tools and craft equipment. The idea behind a Library of Things is to help our members save money, reduce clutter and reduce our carbon footprint while strengthening our community. Members are able to access equipment that might be too expensive otherwise. To counteract our throwaway culture we also run a bi-monthly free Repair Cafe, where we help our attendees improve the skills and confidence they need to fix their broken items. By sharing more items within our community we increase our resilience and wellbeing. Our mission is for everyone to have access to the stuff they need, without it costing the earth. We have loads of resources, knowledge, and skills in Plymouth, we just need to share them more. A Library of Things a place to bring people together and encourage everyone to share more.

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