Social Economy Experts

Social Economy Experts

Are you a PSEN member that has experience and knowledge about social enterprise practice that others want to learn from?

Perhaps you’ve tried out new and bold ways to organise your governance? Set up a successful community shares campaign? Innovated in ways to reduce your organisation’s environmental impact? Created a business model/project that people want to replicate? Embedded bold diversity and inclusion practices in your organisation? Created new procurement practices to add value to your local area?

Whatever the expertise you have gained, join our pool of Social Economy Experts to help others to learn from your experience.

How it Works

  • PSEN is recruiting pool of exerts that members request 1-2-1 advice for, funded by PSEN (subject to terms).
  • On an ad hoc basis, as an expert, you may be contacted to provide 1 hour of 1-2-1 support to a PSEN member. We will put you in touch with the member and you can arrange a time to meet or talk on the phone at your mutual convenience. We will ask you to fill in a sheet with the time and dates of this meeting.
  • After providing the support, send us the sheet and invoice us for £40/hour (inc VAT) for your time.
  • Please note: we will ask the member to share some of their top takeaways from the conversation so that this can be made openly available and help upskill the network as a whole (we will check that no sensitive information is included).

See our FAQs below for more info

Why is PSEN setting up this pool of experts?

This is a pilot initiative from PSEN to help members to share the broad expertise that exists within the network. We recognise that the sharing of knowledge is critical for the social economy to grow effectively. We also recognise that sharing knowledge takes time and can be a heavy resource-draw (of energy, time and money), often on people/organisations with limited resources. We have ear-marked a pot of funds to see whether by distributing funds we can help to activate more knowledge-sharing in and beyond the network.

We hope to build on this pilot and we invite you to help us to shape it.

How to Join

  • Send information to about your specific areas of expertise and how you have gained these (you can send this as a CV and letter or in a format that is convenient to you; please make sure that there is the right information on it for people to be able to identify whether you can help them). There is no deadline to do this, but we are looking to recruit a good-sized pool by March 2020.
  • Within 2 weeks we’ll add you to the list of Social Economy Experts that members can request support from. This means they they will be able to see what information you have shared about your experience and expertise to select who can best help them.


  • What sort of expertise is needed/relevant?

Businesses in the social economy come against similar questions and challenges on a regular basis. PSEN is seeking to assist the sharing of knowledge about good practice within the social economy so that sharing does not drain resource on already often over-stretched people and organisations. If you’re somebody who had interesting and useful insights, experiences and knowledge that can be shared across the sector (you’ve probably been asked by people to share them before, so think about what people often ask you for) then join the pool!

  • Is it paid?

Yes. We have an initial budget to fund 25 1-2-1s and the rate for this is set at £40/hour (inc VAT). We think that it’s important to highlight expertise across the membership, with or without the funds, but we know that funds can be important to relieve the pressure on people with valuable knowledge to share.

We recognise that £40/hour isn’t a huge sum, but we hope that it’s enough to take the edge off.

1-2-1s should be invoiced after the meeting has taken place and will be paid within 2 weeks.

Our aim is to develop further budget so that we can continue to fund this work beyond the pilot.

  • Is it an easy to sign up?

Yes – just send us the right information so that members can identify if you can assist them. They’ll need to know what areas of expertise you want to be listed for, the nature of that expertise and how you have developed it. You can send that in whatever format that is most convenient for you. After receipt, we’ll add you to the pool within 2 weeks and confirm next steps.

  • How many requests should I expect?

We don’t know when you might be called upon for a 1-2-1 meeting – it all depends on demand from other members. Initially we have funds for 25 1-2-1 meetings over 6 months so it won’t be large numbers.

  • Where will the meetings take place?

If you are asked to deliver a 1-2-1 meeting you should arrange this according to what is convenient for both of you. You can turn a meeting down if you wish to. Note that PSEN doesn’t have travel and/or refreshment budget for this so if you prefer a phone or video conversation then don’t hesitate to propose this to the person who you are meeting.

  • How long will the meetings last?

We have allocated budget for 1 hour per member so the meetings should be 1 hour in length. We recognise that longer would be preferred but as we only have an initial limited pool of funds, we’d like to distribute this out to as many members as possible. After the pilot we might look to extend this period.

  • Who can I go to for questions and suggestions?

If you have further questions or suggestions please get in touch with Annette Dhami – PSEN Board Member and currently leading the PSEN Social Economy Experts pool – on


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