If you are interested in joining please complete our online Membership Application Form. Once you have done this your application will be reviewed by a committee member (who may contact you by phone or email asking to clarify something in your application) before deciding whether to recommend your application at the next full Network meeting.

Annual Membership Fees for July 2016- June 2017

Banding Annual income Annual membership fee
Band 1 Up to £10k £22
Band 2 Between £10k and £50k £33
Band 3 Between £50k and £100k £44
Band 4 Between £100k and £500k £55
Band 5 Between £500k and £1m £82.50
Band 6 Between £1m and £5m £110
Band 7 Between £5m and £10m £165
Band 8 £10m and above £275

Member benefits

There are many benefits to becoming a member of PSEN. Some of the financial ones are:

  • Discounted membership of Social Enterprise UK
  • 10% discount off the cost of the Social Enterprise Mark worth between £35 and £450 depending on the size of your organization
  • Free entry to network meetings
  • Free posting of stories and events on our weekly newsletter which goes out to 1,000 people
  • Free posting of news stories on the website to promote your business
  • Access to a wide range of other member-to-member offers – see here

 More good reasons why you should be a member:

  1. Meet and network with other local social enterprises
  2. Promote your social enterprise for free via our meetings, website and social media pages
  3. Bring in new business by offering member-to-member benefits and we will promote these to our membership
  4. Learn new things by attending the presentations at our Network meetings, benefiting from the wisdom of other mebers and joining our social media group

“This makes me tingle, it’s really inspiring” Lisa Stewart, on attending her first meeting.

If you are thinking of joining the Network then great! We have the following membership categories:

  • Full membership with voting rights is for social enterprises based in and around Plymouth and each member organisation holds one vote at meetings.
  • Associate membership is for anyone or any organisation or individual, such as partners and social enterprise support organisations that wants to promote the aims. Associate members do not hold any voting rights.

Need to ask a question? Get in touch with us via our Contact Us page if you need help (talk to Dave Kilroy for problems using the website, talk to Gareth Hart for other problems).