About the Plymouth Social Enterprise Network


The Network aims to be a focal point for the social enterprise sector within Plymouth providing a way for social enterprises to exchange information, ideas and expertise helping to strengthen the sector, represent the interests of social enterprises and provide the opportunity for social enterprises to influence the development of their sector within Plymouth.

Plymouth Festival of Social Enterprise (2012)

Thank you to Plymouth University (www.plymouth.ac.uk) for creating this video, as well as letting us have part of their Roland Levinsky Building for the day.

For more on our 2012 Festival visit our SocEntCity.com/2012 website. To see what we are planning for the 2013 Festival visit socentcity.com

“Plymouth Social Enterprise Network’s Festival of Social Enterprise in November 2012, provided the city within an insight into the types of socially driven businesses and the achievements of social enterprises.                                                                                            This festival showcased to the community of Plymouth that all social enterprises are mission driven organisations which apply market-based strategies to achieve a social purpose, and that it can be achieved in the very town that they live and work in.                  It brought Social Enterprise as a concept to those that had not discovered it, to those that had not understood it and to those that didn’t think it is a viable business model.             The Awards for All Grant, that made this event possible, served to provide local enterprises with social aims a platform, a voice and a face. Businesses deals were made, new contacts discovered and above all people were encouraged all to invest in Social Enterprise in Plymouth.”                                                                                                               Kate Smith, RGN | Director | Memory Matters South West CIC

What does the network do?

  • Provide a forum for discussion at bi-monthly meetings
  • Share information via email bulletins and social media
  • Create and maintain a website that is engaging and relevant to members
  • Promote our members and their work to other stakeholders
  • Host an annual showcase event
  • Facilitate development of commercial opportunities amongst social enterprises
  • Enable more collaborative working
  • Encourage learning and sharing of expertise

What are the benefits?

For the Network to be successful, members would be seeking the following benefits:

  • Commerce – The Network acts as a marketplace increasing commercial opportunities amongst social enterprises themselves. It highlights other business opportunities both in and outside of Plymouth.
  • Communications – The Network provide a forum to share information and news about the sector and individual businesses. It increases networking opportunities and provides a platform for debate about key issues identified by the members.
  • Representation – The Network plays an important lobbying role by representing and promoting the social enterprise sector in Plymouth.
  • Collaboration – The Network facilitates sharing of resources amongst social enterprises more effectively and provides opportunities for joint working and development of informal and formal partnerships.
  • Learning – The Network enables learning form others from with the sector and public, voluntary or private sectors. It will engage relevant speakers on issues requested by the members. It provides a forum for sharing expertise and insight.


The Network is a Community Interest Company, Company Registration Number 09130295. The Community Interest Statement says that we will:

  • Run a network which supports the development of social enterprise activity
  • Raise awareness of social enterprise as a way of doing business


The Network’s accounts for the period ending on 31st March 2014 were presented at our AGM in May 2014. Our previous accounts for the periods ending on 31st March 2013 and 31st March 2012 are all available by clicking on the previous links.


The Network is a member of the following organisations:

Social Enterprise UKSocial Enterprise UK, the national body for social enterprise. They represent their members to support and help grow the social enterprise movement – http://www.socialenterprise.org.uk



1000 Club1000 Club, supporting young people into employment – http://www.1000club.co.uk