Better Leaders = Better Business

Leadership at a national level has come under great scrutiny in recent months, but what makes a good leader, and what are the challenges to good leadership, particularly in a social enterprise?

This workshop will explore some of the issues around leading strategic development, managing and leading teams, and leading during transition within an organisation. It will draw on social enterprise case studies, best practise and the latest thinking about leadership, and provide some useful tools and tips for those in leadership roles.

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Audience: This workshop will appeal to staff within social enterprises who are, or aspire to be, in leadership roles, whatever the size of the organisation. This may include team leaders, project leaders, CEO’s, but not exclusively.

Cost: This workshop is FREE to social enterprises registered on the new Enhance Social Enterprise ERDF Programme. Registering for the programme entitles eligible social enterprises to access up to 12 hours of support (through workshops and tailored mentoring). This workshop is part of a programme of support available to social enterprises to enable them to grow their skills and expertise, and in doing so, grow their social business. All attendees will need to complete a short online registration form before or on the day. Attendees registered through the Enhance Social Enterprise programme can also benefit from business mentoring, picking up on some of the themes addressed in this and other forthcoming workshops.

Attendees can book via Eventbrite:

Due to the short lead-in time for this workshop, I’d be grateful if you could get it out into your networks as soon as you are able. It’s a great (and free) opportunity for people in leadership roles in social enterprises to address some of the challenges they face and bounce ideas around with others in similar positions. It is being delivered by Julie Hawker, Joint CEO of the award-winning digital Social Enterprise, Cosmic, and hosted by Millfields Trust, a thriving social enterprise in Plymouth.

Over the next few months, as the Enhance Social Enhance programme gets into its stride, I look forward to working with you. In the meantime, any sharing you can do via e-newsletters, twitter and other social media, I do thank you in advance! Any questions, do please ask.

For information: Cosmic is a partner in Enhance Social Enterprise (Enhance SE). Cosmic’s role is to support trading social enterprises become more competitive (and thus achieve greater social impact) through provision of support around digital skills, leadership and growth. We will be running series of workshops and 1-1 mentoring around each of these strands. Other partners are Iridescent Ideas, RiO, SSE@Dartingon, Devon and Somerset Community Foundations. DCC is the accountable body for Enhance SE. The programme runs until Dec 2019.

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  1. Helen Vines July 4, 2017 at 1:02 am #

    Hi, a few places still remaining for this free workshop. Be great to see you there hot on the tails of the Good Finance workshop.

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