Devon New Economy Gathering


Devon New Economy Gathering
Saturday April 16th
Exeter Community Centre 10 – 5 pm

A day to link organisers, activists, practitioners, and others working for economic change in towns, villages, houses, workplaces, and to hear about local and regional initiatives to help everyone make the big shift to a new economy.

This event is for you if you are new to these areas of debate and action or new to the region or well established with what you do here in Devon around a new economy. You should aim to leave this event with:

  • New energy and ideas
  • Actions and plans
  • Collaborators and connections
  • A smile on your face!

Join us in making the big shift happen!

  • Do you want to find out who (else) is working on a new local economy, one that is more inclusive, democratically accountable, ecological and creates more wellbeing.
  • Perhaps you are running or seeking exciting community-led economic solutions to austerity or effective strategies, innovative projects and energetic collaborators and want to share what you are learning about the ways forward.
  • Have you got idea about how How can we make it happen (more)?
  • Come together to share visions for the wider economy to see how our local work fits in, and ways we can work together locally to make a big shift

The event will include:

A photo tour of things in the region to be proud of, and activities where we can better collaborate

Keynote session: Stewart Wallis, Senior Adviser at New Economics Foundation will talk about

‘A new economy and how to make it happen’

Open space, workshops and networking (see topics below).

Tag, plan and dream session.

Topics for discussion :



What needs to grow and what doesn’t?  Well being & better indicators.

Tax justice; banking reform; Positive Money; Green New Deal

If not austerity what?  What to do about the national debt

Engines of inequality and how to interrupt them

Social enterprises – why are they different and how to start them

Fostering local enterprises – Local Enterprise Forum

Devolution – the potential and the risks

Relocalising money and finance (local currencies; local finance institutions)

Fossil Free Devon – Disinvestment from fossil fuels

Food for all – making affordable and local



A bit about practicalities:



We will be holding this event at Exeter Community Centre [link]



To keep costs to a minimum we’re asking you to bring your own lunch or to buy food at one of the many local independent shops and cafes close by in Exeter.  Teas, coffee and cool drinks will be available all day.


Tickets: Tickets are £20/£10/£5.  To register go to ( or search for the event under Exeter Pound). You can pay in Exeter Pounds or Exes, but in that case, or to apply for a free ticket contact or phone 01647 24789 or 01392




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