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A local student, Fabio Giraldo-Franco is looking to undertake an SROI assessment for a Plymouth social enterprise. Fabio is a Spanish citizen, born in Colombia.

A group of consultants is trying to introduce the SROI methodology to Colombia (and South America), where there are businesses interested in its use for some social projects. The consultants want Fabio to help with the establishment of SROI there.

Fabio is training as an SROI Practitioner but has not yet been involved in a SROI assessment. Fabio is happy to collaborate with any organisation here in Plymouth. He would also like to write an SROI report in order to obtain his ‘Accredited Practitioner’ status from the SROI Network. That way, he would get the experience he needs and the organization gets a free SROI assessment.

Fabio is undertaking an MSc in Water and Environmental Management at the University of Bristol and is happy to start exploring immediately. He holds a BEng, a BSc (Mathematics from Plymouth University) and many years of work experience (mainly in management).

Please email Fabio here if you are interested:

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