Co-operative Celebrations, Sat 13th July at Lipson

Stop Press! Party on 13th July!

The Network has just received the following letter from Lipson Co-operative Academy:

To whom it may concern,
I am writing to you as a CIC. On Saturday 13th July from 12 – 4pm at Lipson Co-operative Academy we are holding a Co-operative Celebration and wish to include CICs as well as Co-operatives. We would love it if you would want to have a stall at the event and provide people with ideas about what you do. Do you think you would be available?
The idea is that the Fayre celebrates our Co-operative Trust – (Lipson Co-operative Academy and Mount Street Primary), as well as local co-operatives and enterprises as an end to Co-operatives Fortnight on the Local, Loved and Trusted theme. Stalls for co-operatives are free-of-charge.
To give you an idea of what we are going to have at the Fayre: ‘It is an afternoon of fun, activities and performances with our stakeholders and members of the wider community. We will be having many stalls and activities hosted by our Young Co-operatives, as well as stalls hosted by enterprising members of the local community. The event will include performances and workshops hosted by our Young Co-operatives; an ‘old school sports day’ run by our CSLA students with many co-operative games involved; Science and Maths challenges; an ‘Around the World Trip’ where people can learn about countries all over the world and see who makes up our community; a mini-garden competition hosted by Mount Street Primary Schools Eco Young Co-operative; a series of E-books written co-operatively by students and on the day there will be an opportunity to contribute towards a ‘Lipson Almanac’ as a nod to the Rochdale Pioneers; we have also invited many local co-operatives to share what they do and much, much more! ‘
The intention where local co-operatives and CICs are concerned is for a central area of the fayre to be similar to a ‘Co-operative market’ where people can visit stalls and either buy products or learn about different co-operatives – for example, one of the co-operatives attending is a workers co-operative.
Kind regards and I look forward to hearing from you
Susan Kilvington
Head of Co-operative Education
Lipson Co-operative Academy
Bernice Terrace
Tel: 01752 671318
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