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Third Sector Teams Up with Commercial Leaders to Create a Win-Win Partnership

 Business coaching consultants at Tinder-Box are searching for charities or social enterprises facing a specific business challenge to take part in Tinder-Box’s pioneering Enterprise programme. This partnership scheme brings business leaders and third sector organizations together to share skills and experience to solve real issues – proven to have long-lasting, mutually beneficial effects on both partners.

 If selected, the social enterprises will benefit from the business acumen on offer to help address their particular commercial issue, while in turn Tinder-Box’s clients will be invigorated by fresh perspectives and the opportunity to make a tangible social contribution. Tinder-Box coaches believe that the best learning and leadership development takes place in a real-life environment where real change can be brought about for both partners.

 Carole Miller, founding partner at Tinder-Box says:

 Businesses and social enterprise have much to learn from each other and amazing things can happen when they share their skills. We have partnered various social enterprises in the past from Health in Mind and Sandwell Women’s Aid to The Comedy School so we know how they work and we know what an inspiration they can be for businesses – from major corporates to SMEs. Our clients who have taken part in our Enterprise programme include several teams from Lloyds Banking Group.

 “The passion and commitment at the heart of social enterprises has a fantastic motivating effect that a business can take back into its own organization. While our clients are gaining inspiration and developing their leadership skills, the social enterprise benefits from their commercial skills and know-how.”

Once Tinder-Box has worked with a selected social enterprise to identify its specific business objective, it matches it with the client who has the most appropriate skills, objectives and passions to achieve the best fit. The Tinder-Box team then creates a bespoke programme for its client and the enterprise partner. This typically involves both organizations doing some initial exploration of the challenge together and culminates in a two day experience where they work together to come up with potential solutions.

 Carole Miller continues:

 “There is no obligation to extend the relationship beyond the programme. However, in the past we have found that clients have volunteered to sit on the boards of the social enterprises or have become mentors on an on-going basis.”

Health in Mind, a charity promoting positive mental health and well being in Scotland, was partnered with Lloyds TSB last year. The social care sector was undergoing enormous change with new emphasis being placed on personalization of care so Health in Mind needed to learn more about how to be customer-focused – the banking team’s particular field of expertise.

Chief Executive Gwen McCreath said:

 “Being exposed to a totally different way of thinking and working was a real eye-opener. The Lloyds team provided us with new tools and innovative approaches to try and as a result we now work in a very strategic way. We would never have had the time or the skills to do it alone. We were taken aback by how motivating, as well as enjoyable, we found the experience and we are still benefiting from the ongoing relationship.”


The programme is free for participating charities and social enterprises. If your charity or social enterprise is facing a particular business challenge, Tinder-Box may be able to find the perfect partner for you to help meet and overcome it. Contact Lyn Strahan on 01598 741218 or  to find out more.

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